Zelda Astrology 101: Road to Tears of the Kingdom

Low-key calling us out for being crybabies eh? Nintendo wants that smoke.

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There are so many things I want to get into now that we have the release date for breath- I mean, Tears of the Kingdom, I mean…TOTK! In order to shred this game into stardust, and mix it into an elixir, I have been waiting for this very moment. The inception date of this game. Today I want to talk about the legendary video game series and give you a bit of background of why I was almost certain we would see Zelda if we had a September Nintendo Direct (I was just too busy to talk about it.) There are certain astrological indications every time Zelda is involved in something. The major one being the planet Mercury. Now I just wanna say, as much as I want to do the astrology of the ENTIRE SERIES, that is not goal of this particular article. (But ooh I can’t wait to bring you that documentary) Besides, Zelda is inherently Piscean in nature, meaning it’s a never-ending orgasm of symbology, making the decoding of it it feel like nirvana (no pun intended) However, this means it’s also elusive, thus I’d quite literally be here typing until the release of TOTK in May to accomplish such a task. So instead, I want to talk about 3 games; A “triforce” if you will, ending with TOTK of course. What energies were present at the time of their monumental reveals as the next adventure in the series? Take this as Zelda Astrology 101 in hopes of laying down the foundations that will allow you understand future, in depth conversations. Conversations on the astrology of not only this amazing series, but Nintendo, the video game industry, yourself, the universe even…

Let’s take a look at the brilliant astrology of The Legend of Zelda and how we got here. Let your joyful tears flow.

Mercury Retrograde & the importance of Mercury in Zelda

Let me be succinct, when we’re talking about Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius, all of this is pretty much astro code for Zelda. When it’s Mercury Retrograde, Pisces, Gemini, Jupiter, and Lunations (strong moon energy, new moons, full moons etc.) this is CODE RED for Zelda. Why? The first game in the series, “The Legend of Zelda entered our world in 1986 carrying the energy of a Pisces Sun (ruled by Neptune and Jupiter), a Gemini ascendant (ruled by Mercury) and a moon in Cancer (which the moon also rules Cancer). The Sun, Moon and Rising is what is known as the big three and for my Zelda fans, this is comparable to the Triforce (hence I’ll be referring to it as such going forward.)

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Alright, let’s test out the wisdom and veracity of this “triforce” shall we? Zelda: Skyward Sword was the game that defined the origins of the series. As most us Zelda fans know, it was the very first game in story’s chronology. The Triforce of this game is as follows:

Aquarius Ascendant, ♒︎
↟(AC) Triforce of Courage

Scorpio Sun, ♏️
Triforce of Power

Virgo Moon, ♍️
Triforce of Wisdom

Skyward Sword (western release) inception chart

Jupiter is important in the astro DNA in perpetuity because of it’s original Sun placement in the very first game I mentioned earlier. Here, the planet of expansion is in 4th house, expanding on the series’ origins, especially with Jupiter in retrograde and also in Taurus, the sign where the moon is strongest, also known in astrology as “exaltation.” Back in 2011, IGN (in gaming news) named this year “the year of Zelda” as it was celebrating it’s 25 anniversary. The North Node brings external success, and overall increase and it was rolling through in Sagittarius that year. For Skyward Sword, this occurred in the 11th house of social recognition and gains, conveniently conjunct MERCURY, so it was like “tell everybody” and conjunct Venus who makes everything beautiful, musical, pleasurable, fun, who can also load your wallet with money. If you look at this North Node in OG Zelda’s chart, it was rolling through the 7th house (a house originally ruled by Venus). It’s like throwing your best friend a HUGE birthday party (cause Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter as is extra asf) There even was a symphony and everything…(which I experienced one of them in 2017 with my nerdy ass) Thanks to the North Node, Zelda had it all that year.


Nintendo Directs


Which brings me to Nintendo Directs. So, why did we even get a Direct? Sept 13th was 3 days after a full moon in Pisces (the triforce of power activated.) We are currently in Virgo szn, and Mercury -the planet that rules Zelda’s original Gemini ascendant (or triforce of courage)- turned retrograde in a sign where it’s the strongest, (and also is exalted) Virgo. Another indicator in the sky was Venus in Virgo in an exact conjunction the IC of the Nintendo Switch’s chart.

IC stands for “Imum Coeli”

The IC in a nutshell is an intensified point of a chart usually located in the 4th house, representing the hidden, most private part of the subject. It’s opposite to the MC (Medium Coeli) the most visible part. In a person’s chart, it has to do with one’s home, family lineage, and ancestry, but we can also think of this as also the roots or foundation of whatever the chart’s topic is. With the IC of the Switch in the 3rd house, Nintendo Directs are representative of this in that, it’s the primary way Nintendo communicates information with its audience.

The 3rd house is realm of skills, academia, the mind, communication and often media. (It’s also video games and ruled by, you guess it, Mercury). In the Switch’s Astrology Chart, Virgo’s ruler is Mercury, located in the 9th house along with the Sun and a bunch of other planets (which is what we call a Stellium)

The Nintendo Switch’s Inception Chart

Anything conjunct the Sun is going to be seen and invigorated (unless it’s too close then it’s invisible but that’s a whole different topic) So in this case, leading up to Sept 13, Venus in Virgo in the sky at 9, 10, 11 degrees was triggering this 3rd house-9th house axis you see above, and because Virgo’s ruler Mercury is involved this also triggers visibility, because Mercury is so close to the Sun. Just like that, you have a recipe for a Nintendo direct. Now there are numerous ways a Nintendo direct can be triggered. Mercury retrogrades can elicit one. Sagittarius season can elicit one. It’s also possible strong moons can possibly summon these presentations, example A right here, we see with the moon is very powerfully situated at 19 degrees Taurus, in the 11th house of the internet.

We have Taurus eclipse coming up. I kind of doubt it will bring another direct though because eclipses are known to be a blocking of light and visibility but I could be wrong. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens with that around November 8th, 2022.

In the mean time, do yourself a favour and check out all of the Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom Trailers released so far!


Stay tuned for part two where we dive deeper with my favourite game and one I believe changed the series forever. What did it mean for the game and how was our gaming experience transformed or shaped by this entry in the series. How did the astrology of the game reflect in it’s development cycle, narrative, themes and gameplay. What sort of strange connection does this game in particular have with Breath of the Wild and it’s sequel Tears of the Kingdom.


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